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About Us

What matters most is protecting people/industries/businesses by providing clean/safe water, both for drinking water and for the industry water consumption such as powerplant cooling systems, food & beverage safety and production, healthcare, manufacturing, recreational application, and many more.

ULTRANODE concept started in 1990 by an international research group of highly skilled professionals/engineers with years of experience in Electrochemistry who were involved in the field of water and wastewater, oil and gas sector (and who identified water concerns for disinfection), to improve low quality water disinfection systems. Ultimately, ULTRANODE was discovered in Canada, Ottawa 2009 where the company developed remarkably then with its creative ideas and excellent solutions.


ULTRANODE converted to a multinational enterprise with manufacturing facilities in Canada, UK, Spain, and Oman to cater the worldwide needs everywhere. We are proud to produce Electro chlorination system MADE IN CANADA. We could not have achieved this level of success without having a culture of openness and being transparent/straightforward with our staff, clients, and business partners.

What do we do?

ULTRANODE grew professionally and today we are an EPCC+F company. Electrochlorination system manufacturing engineering, design, factory assembly, procurement, site erection, installation, testing and commissioning, financing, training & Operation are only a part of what we do!

Electrodes which is the heart of the electrolysis system are produced in two grades;

ULTRANODE reserve the right to utilize the latest Canadian High tech Nano Technology MMO only for ULTRANODE Electrochlorination systems which is an Ultimate solution as the most advanced water disinfection technology enhancing the anode characteristics enabling us to guarantee ULTRANODE electrolyzer min 5 years without any problem.

Our On-site and On-demand sodium hypochlorite Generator systems (Brine Electrochlorination System and Seawater Electro chlorination system), autonomous skid-mounted solutions are designed/engineered to provide the absolute lowest cost and most reliable sodium hypochlorite/bleach to disinfect the water either for drinkable water or for industrial/recreational applications.

Our generators and packages have various applications which can be applied across almost all industries:

  • Refineries and Petrochemical Industries
  • Power Stations
  • Off-Shore Platforms
  • Desalination Plants
  • Potable, Wastewater Disinfection
  • Swimming Pools, Dams, Water features
  • Industrial / Municipal / Commercial / Agricultural/ Fishery
  • Food and beverages
  • Drinking water treatment for small communities including villages, hotels, casinos, universities, and hospitals
  • Water disinfection of cooling towers, district cooling buildings, produced water recycling
  • Marine /Ballast
About Us

We are certified according to the ISO-9001 standards to assure that the process, procedures, and products are flawless and are in compliance with the requirements defined by the industry. All products/ the system are packaged units, factory assembled and tested/quality controlled.

We are responsive technically and in terms of after-sale service, reliable. Committed to our quality processes and procedures, and Performance Oriented to ensure that our customers receive durable products and that is why we are the customer’s trusted advisor and solution provider. Right now, ULTRANODE footprints are everywhere since we are continuously improving/developing our skills and innovating technologies constantly through a team of qualified and experienced engineers utilizing the most advanced R&D facilities, to exceed customer expectations. As such, consultation, Periodical inspection, refurbishment, recoating/replacement of cells, revamping, rehabilitation is offered as our services.