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ULTRANODE can provide a wide range of services to implement a project from inception to completion (EPCC/ Turn Key). These services may be applied to individual process units, to various industrial projects, to plant revamp or expansion works, or to entire grass-roots facilities, complete with off-sites and utilities.

Our engineering services include traditional discipline delivery such as process, electrical, mechanical, instrument & control, automation, piping, and pipeline as well as technical safety. ULTRANODE offers highly competitive services for the engineering of innovative and reliable process plants and plant components, and not only Electrochlorination projects.

ULTRANODE has managed projects worldwide, even under the most severe climate conditions. Our in-house capabilities keep the project on schedule through close communication and coordination between individual departments. This control enables ULTRANODE to provide more precise and up-to-date information to the client regularly.

ULTRANODE ’s extent and capability of supply covers:

In this stage, the goal is to maximize overall performance to the cost ratio. Basic engineering and process design of the utility and offsite facilities are generally performed in-house at ULTRANODE . For the process units, ULTRANODE performs the extension of basic engineering and develops a process design package, using the know-how provided by the client and utilization of proven design techniques, comprising the following:

  • Process configuration and Specifications
  • Process and utility Flow Diagrams with energy and mass balance and operating conditions
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment and Piping Schedules
  • Instrument Data Sheets
  • Catalyst, Chemicals, and Effluent Specifications
  • Preliminary Plot Plans
  • Operating Instructions
Basic Engineering

Reliable water engineering solutions

Laboratory Testing

Based on your customized anode accelerated life Test analysis of the coated anodes, technical reports conforming ASTM and various standards will be issued.

Virtual Reality Simulation

VR experience significantly saves costs and time. Our technology helps you with decreased replanning, and reworks. VR provides you with remote access to the site for any pre-inspection.

Operation and Maintenance agreement

We are responsive to your unforeseen requests via an inventory of critical components resulting in your O&M cost reduction.

Recoating and Refurbishment

We ensure the maximum performance and longevity of your plant by electrode refurbishment /recoating or electrode replacement.

Technical Training

We extend your knowledge, improve product handling and operator performance by holding seminars/courses for the personnel.

Onsite Inspection

We conduct an on-site inspection for your Electrochlorination plants to analyses whole-plant performance.

Technology Retrofitting

By utilization of our latest generation technology, your outdated disinfection technology will be replaced/updated.

Consultancy/ Advisership

Our professional consultancy services open doors for your striking improvements.

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