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At ULTRANODE, we are honored to manufacture MMO (MIXED METAL OXIDE) anodes under the trademark of UMMO. It is well known that MMO anodes are the beating heart of any Electrochlorination plan. UMMO is constructed of a titanium substrate and a special mixed metal oxide coating. This coating improves the longevity and efficacy of the Anodes against the corrosion of the Electrolysis process.
MMO anodes are incorporated inside the cells with particular design and order to get the capacity.
Our UMMO are guaranteed up to 5 years of high efficiency.

MMO Anode

SEM MAG: 1.00 kx / WD: 3.66 mm / View Field: 207 µm / Det: InBeam / BI: 7.00

electrodes in Electrolyzer cell

MMO Anode
MMO Anode

Sodium Hypochlorite production anode

The UMMO™ electrode for the production of sodium hypochlorite is used as an anode to generate chlorine in an electrolysis process that uses seawater and diluted brine in an electrolysis bath. This electrode consists of a titanium substrate covered with an oxide coating layer that is mainly made up of platinum group metals. The anodes are dimensionally stable DSA, technical knowledge of Ultranode, which preserve their shape and voltage characteristics even under the most severe conditions of anodic service. On the other hand, sodium hydroxide is generated as a cathode reaction. Following the anodic and cathodic reactions, the chlorine reacts with the sodium hydroxide in the electrolysis bath to form sodium hypochlorite.

MMO Anode Chlorine evolution anode Electrode

Chlorine evolution anode

the UMMO™ electrode for Cl₂ evolution consists of a titanium substrate which is coated with our specially engineered platinum group metal oxides. This electrode will generate chlorine efficiently when used as an anode in brine electrolyte containing chloride. It is an ideal electrode that can produce chlorine at a very low potential and as expected, reduction in the electrolytic voltage leads to energy saving. Furthermore, its long lifetime greatly contributes to operational stability and reduces maintenance costs. This anode is expected to be used in Chlor-Alkali cells.

MMO Anode Hydrogen evolution anode Electrode

Hydrogen evolution anode

The UMMO™ electrode for H2 Evolution (active cathode) was developed based on the thermal decomposition method which is the area of expertise of Ultranode. The main component of this electrode is a platinum group metal catalyst, which is mainly used as a cathode for brine electrolysis, and brings sharp reduction of the voltage compared to conventional electrodes and hence lower power consumption. This electrode is expected to be used in alkaline water electrolysis cells for green hydrogen production.