Disinfection solutions is undetachable part of municipal, industrial, and recreational water applications.

Disinfection solutions

Depending on the percentage and type of pathogens, microbes, algae, bacteria in water and its applications, different disinfection technologies are advised like gas feed systems, chlorine dioxide generation equipment, ultraviolet disinfection systems, ozone system and hypochlorite generation systems, and more.

Each solution has its own pros and cons. However, one, can address the issue but it can cost a small fortune while the other could be cheap but not safe. for instance;

Chlorine Gas- Although being the most powerful and the most economic disinfectant since its foundation but it is supplied in cylinders and that makes it vulnerable in accidents or these cylinders could be the target for terrorist attack. Therefore, safety issue has led to move from this solution to other disinfection solutions.

Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection – Although CLO2 system provide safe and optimized disinfection solution but chlorine dioxide is produced in strong acid solutions from either sodium chlorite or sodium chlorate. Therefore, raw material required in CLO2, its provision, handling and transportation of strong acids, makes CLO2 difficult choice, to be chosen by water authorities.

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems – Although it does not require handling or transportation of chemical or toxic raw materials but the maintenance of UV technology is huge due to the UV light bulb which need to be replaced in an interval. The CAPEX is relatively high and that makes it second choice. However, this system is often utilized where conventional chlorine disinfection cannot be applied for odor control.

OZONE Disinfection System – Ozone gas quickly dissolves in water, then decomposes back to oxygen in solution, eradicate microorganisms. Although this system is the fastest way to remove pathogens but perhaps the CAPEX, is the only disadvantages of Ozone system.

OSHG System – These systems generate hypochlorite solution On-site and On-demand which can be dosed to water stream to remove living microorganisms (viruses, molds, and bacteria) in water otherwise these substances clog the systems everywhere. OSHG is often utilized where there is huge amount of water need to be disinfected including for industries (cement companies for disinfection of cooling system) – petrochemical companies for cooling system, refineries, powerplants, recreational application, ballast water systems.

Therefore, various factors are involved including safety, the OPEX and CAPEX, maintenance time and cost, and etc, to choose the right disinfection system for your particular applications. For example, OSHG does not need storage and handling of toxic material. Furthermore, it requires ONLY brackish water (or seawater) and electricity to generate different concentration of hypochlorite resulting operating cost reduction- increased safety while produce continuous sodium hypochlorite.

If you are not sure which system might be beneficial for your application, feel free to contact Ultranode Inc Canada for consultancy!

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