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Owing to extreme conflict in Sudan

according to CNN reporter

Owing to extreme conflict in Sudan

while the situation is deteriorating in which there is no clean water supply, for consecutive days, as well as the high risk of biological danger from the lab that leads to outbreak of cholera and measle spread, and necessity of an urgent and rapid international intervention required to restore water, to sterilize the equipment, which is indispensable and the most important requirement, Ultranode Canada through its partner in Nigeria decided to play it’s role as humanitarian duty.

Hence, 10 cabinet-size water disinfection system, adjustable, plug and play systems that works with solar panel, having the latest Canadian technology is being provided to help people to protect themselves and also for hospitals to antisept the facility, from existing pathogenic disease or disease released from laboratories, hopefully not to have a disastrous consequences obviously for vulnerable Sudan population unlike catastrophic civil war we have seen previously.


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