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Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Systems
A cooling tower could be defined as a heat exchanger which brings air and water into contact to chill the water. Process or air-conditioning condenser heated water, flows through the cooling tower by the pipes. While the heated water is pumped, it would be exposed to air. Electric motor-driven fans of the tower pull the air in. During this contact, a chunk of water evaporates and leads to chilling of water. This water is then move backs to the condenser or process facilities to absorb the heat.

Efficiency problems would be countered during the heat transfer process if fouling and microbial is not handled. Considering the temperature of the water cycle, the environment is quite suitable for microorganism’s activity. This phenomenon will decrease the flow rate and heat transfer due to the bio-fouling. One of the most popular solutions to this challenge is the dosing of water disinfectants regularly. These chemical additives would Increase heat transfer efficiency by eliminating heat exchanger fouling.

But the procurement of disinfectants for the daily usage is not that easy. Moreover, it is a grave danger to accumulate disinfectants such as Chlorine Gas. Additionally, most of the disinfectants lose their efficiency by the passage of time. We offer a solution that would answer all these headaches. Through our Electrochlorination Plants, the sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant will be generated on-site. Using Sodium Hypochlorite, the dangers of Chlorine Gas and the efficiency will be addressed. Moreover, no worries there exist regarding the procurement or interruption in the supply chain as happened during this pandemic.

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