Hydrogen gas management

Hydrogen gas management

The freshly produced sodium hypochlorite solution containing hydrogen gas is stored in a totally enclosed tank. This solution obtained from the electrolyzers is delivered to the storage/degassing tank, in order to be dosed to the point of use. What matters most is where the hydrogen is accumulated inside of the storage tank which shall be well ventilated, in order to reduce the concentration of hydrogen gas in the tank and discharge it into the atmosphere.

This hydrogen as a by-product of the electro chlorination system is transferred with the product solution (NaOCl) from the electrolyzer stream to the degassing/storage tank. Due to its low density, it is quickly separated from the fluid surface and enters into the gas phase, in the upper section of the tank.

The total chemical reaction that we have in Electro chlorination is as follows:

           NaCl + H2O + ENERGY → NaOCl + H2

Hydrogen gas in the degassing/storage tank shall be diluted up to 1% v/v concentration (one-fourth of hydrogen LEL, which is 4% v/v in air) with air before discharging into the atmosphere. Thus, air fans (Centrifugal fans) are used to dilute the hydrogen gas within the degassing tank and released into the atmosphere after dilution. In a particular application, especially refineries/platforms, hydrogen gas release (which is produced on the cathode surfaces during the process of electrochlorination system) is well managed by ULTRANODE via dual containment and force air ventilation— as the ultra-safe method.

ULTRANODE systems, also monitor the hydrogen gas (since it is highly flammable) from the beginning stage where it is produced, and all the way through the degassing tank and to the exiting point, to guarantee the safe dispersal of hydrogen as well as monitor the performance of devices/equipment and in one word, to make sure everything is under control in terms of safety in all aspects.

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