Round the clock water disinfection for Resort / swimming pool

water disinfection for Resort

Hotels, water parks, resorts, and swimming lagoons nearby the sea requires a water treatment system to utilize seawater for their water requirement. Seawater directly taken from the sea is filtered, treated, and disinfected.

Different technologies and techniques are used to disinfect the seawater but chlorination is the most widely used method all around the world. However, thousands of liters of chlorine may be required daily for chlorination, per case. Meaning that it would be risky, costly, dangerous, time-consuming, and not safe. Besides, transportation, storage, and handling of a hazardous material as well as excessive chlorine dosage are other issues in chlorination.

ULTRANODE Electrochlorination systems provide water quality and consequently air quality, especially for those pools among the accommodation wings in the main buildings/resorts/hotels, and in one word “a peace of mind”, reliability, and ultimate satisfaction for staff and swimmers as well as making the life easier along with the ease of operation to have a beautiful, clean and bacteria-free water by producing sodium hypochlorite On-site and On-Demand to remove bacteria, algae and waterborne pathogens.

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