The Importance of Acid Cleaning

Extend the life of your electro chlorination system.


Hydroxides generation is a result of the electro chlorination process and in one word, By-products /contaminants can clog the cells, resulting in inefficiency and even failure. To overcome this issue, regular maintenance is required consistently to remove the precipitations of the byproduct on the metal surface for effective biofouling control.

Effective acid washing practices is mandatory to eradicate calcium, magnesium, and other undesired materials from titanium surface to guarantee the continuous operation of hypochlorite generator. Appropriate cleanings frequency or the best time of acid cleaning depends on the below items

  • The specific type of cells
  • Saltwater composition
  • Required hypochlorite concentration
  • Workload,
Water disinfection in upstream Oil Industry

You will soon realize how often your electro chlorination system needs a complete good acid cleaning. It is worth mentioning that doing it well and knowing the desired concentration of hydrochloric acid are very important not to damage the MMO coating as well as maintaining the health and ongoing function of the system.

If the cells are badly fouled, they may need to be soaked for more time and not to increase the concentration. However, this process should be done properly. Acid cleaning is essential and should be an integral part of the monitoring /maintenance process to protect hypochlorite generators, which will extend the life of the electro chlorination system in the long run.

Ultranode made it easy and you do not need to have a headache about acid cleaning anymore. Acid cleaning diagnosing time is done automatically and once the cells need to be cleaned, an alarm will be shown on the screen. All you need to do is turning off the machine and let it all be done. If you have less space or in order to increase the automation or based on client requirements, Reverse Polarity technology is proposed which client does not need to worry about maintenance, acid handling, or any special equipment for acid washing.

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