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Water disinfection in upstream Oil Industry

Water disinfection in upstream Oil Industry

water injection is used to improve the total recovery of oil reservoirs. This is generally known as the “secondary recovery” and typically follows the “primary production”. Water Injection is done to increase the reservoir pressure to its initial level and maintain it close to that. In process, the water displaces the oil from the pore spaces and pushes them from injection wellbores toward the production ones.

The injected water however must undergo the Deoxygenation and Disinfection as it is critical to avoid introducing any unwanted organic contamination to the reservoirs, especially Sulfide Reducing Bacteria (SRB). This Bacteria could easily affect the quality of the liquid reservoir terribly. Moreover, to remove the possibility of bio-fouling in the injection facilities, all the micro-organisms must be removed or deactivated.

Our Seawater or Brine Electrochlorination plants and packages could be applied on site to generate disinfectant (Sodium Hypochlorite-Liquid Chlorine) on demand. This way the water could be disinfected effectively. Our technology removes the risks of chlorine transportation and scarcity of commercial water disinfectants.

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