Electrochlorination utilization as pretreatment for RO system

RO system

Pre-treatment is essential to improve the efficiency and life expectancy of the membrane components by reducing fouling, scaling, and membrane deterioration.

The basic goal of pre-treatment is to make the RO supply water compatible with the membrane.

Preliminary treatment activities such as coarse screening and grit removal are performed to avoid the settling of most organic materials. Anti-scaler if the hardness is high, Sand filters, and cartridge filters are also utilized if the TSS is higher than standards.

To prevent contaminated water which contains bacteria and micro-organisms into the RO system, disinfectant is used to float. Chlorination is widely used for this purpose; however excessive chlorine utilization drastically degrades membrane life span.

Although there are various methods for dichlorination like SMBS, however, ULTRANODE recommends the electro-chlorination system for disinfection to ensure the right sodium hypochlorite injection dosage as well as designing appropriate water and wastewater treatment systems to maximize the membrane lifetime.

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