Disinfection for Food and Beverages

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Disinfection for Food and Beverages

Disinfection for Food and Beverages, commercial readymade fruit and vegetable Industry

In these industries, water has various applications including being an ingredient, as a cleaning source as well as being a mixture for sanitization. Considering the point that, vegetables, fruit, food’s raw material, and even bottles/utensils to be filled with either water, beverages and food need to be pre-washed to eradicate the dust, bacteria and viruses, and scent.

Also, wet surfaces in factories especially food and beverages factories, bottling companies, commercial fruit, and vegetable washing companies, provide favorable conditions for the growth of microbes/microorganisms which creates a very critical situation if not disinfected. Our On-site and On-Demand electrochlorination packages ensure a fresh disinfectant production unit eliminating chemical purchases and consequently, No bacterial recontamination leading to the prevention of pathogenic microorganisms re-growth as well as the elimination of taste and odor from one bottle to another which then can be rinsed easily.

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