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Dairy cows , Hatchery, Poultry farm  

ULTRANODE developed electrolysis system to remove bacteria and micro-organisms and significantly help to enhance Dairy cows/ chicken/fish health. Cleaning water lines and cooling pads and preventing cross-contamination are important steps. For instance, tit disinfection in the control of mastitis and bacteria within a dairy herd eliminates the most type of bacteria, viruses, fungi within seconds of its application. By using our electrolysis system, simple inputs including water and salt are electrolysed and hence disinfectant/Sodium hypochlorite is generated with the highest quality and efficiency.

This is how we achieve a non-toxic, degradable and powerful disinfectant. The application of this technology will allow farms to adopt sustainable strategies eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals such as iodinated disinfectants and calcium/sodium hypochlorite.

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