Hospital Disinfection System

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Hospital Disinfection System

Hospital Disinfection System

As we all know hospitals, care homes are a major source of infections. Everybody looks for the most hygienic hospital with optimized ventilation to avoid the risk of infections such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, as well as hazardous chemical compounds, pharmaceutical compounds, and radioactive isotopes. Depending on where and what should be disinfected (such as contaminated surface, floors, countertops, tonometer heads, needles, syringes, laundry, dental appliances, hydrotherapy tanks, water distribution instruments in hemodialysis instruments, kitchen surface and floor, knives, and spoons, utensils) different chlorine-based disinfection concentration is advised according to Canadian-health authority since there is a high level of compliance with recommended hand hygiene policies, appropriate cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment and environmental surfaces.

For ventilation system, due to the salt existence in the system, the efficiency of the system reduces, then scale formation in pipes and pumps decreases the performance of the water circulation system, and eventually scaling will clog the whole system.

The latest Canadian disinfection technology of electrochlorination has eradicated all problems by generating sodium hypochlorite On-site and On-demand.

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