Oil & Gas industry

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Oil & Gas industry

Power Plant /Petrochemical/Refinery/industry

Almost all industries including Oil & Gas industry, petrochemical industries, power plants, ( Coal-fired, Combined cycle, Nuclear power plants), steel mills, and cement industries, require water for cooling purposes. In such an environment many types of organisms, pathogens, and algae will grow in the circulating facility/equipment leading to micro-macro fouling reducing the cooling system efficiency, and eventually plant performance. Especially when the coolant is coming from seawater intake rather than rivers if not disinfected.

ULTRANODE is specialized for seawater electrochlorination seawater intake system and guarantees not to encounter the above-mentioned danger, generate anti-fouling medium/solution which constantly micro-dosed into the stream, and ensures up to 2000ppm concentration of disinfectant as pre-treatment plant/packages to remove all slime formation, sands, aquatic life with its extraordinary arrangement of strainers. Sometimes organisms resist in front of disinfectant dosage however shock dosage of chlorine ensures anti-fouling and prevents microorganisms regrowth.

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