Offshore platform chlorination

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Offshore platform chlorination

Offshore platform chlorination

Due to the space limitation in offshore oil and gas platform, Centric Tubular electrolyzer  (CTE) are used. Unlike Parallel Plates Electrolyzers (PPE), CTE Electro chlorinators do not require Acid Washing and maintenance. This is because of the high velocity and turbulent flow of Brine or Seawater. ULTRANODE electro chlorinators ensure prevention of micro-organism growth and fouling in Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO). Thus, maximizing heat transfer in condenser and heat exchanger as well as water flow in pipes and hence equipment operational life will be improved. Nevertheless, there will not be shut down.

This structure is built on two titanium tubes, one passing inside the other one, while Seawater or Brine flows through the annular channel in-between. This way, the sodium Hypochlorite, Disinfectant, is generated by passing the DC throughout the flow.

ULTRANODE is the designer and manufacturer of a final and comprehensive electrochlorination system. Either Parallel Plates Electrolyzer (PPE) with acid washing packages or with reverse polarity system or CTE electro-chlorination system can be produced according to the requirement enabling higher efficiency for the particular application.

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